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Hands hug the family (concept)

Major causes of marital dispute:

1. Divorce
2. Child custody
3. Dowry related issues
4. Maintenance
5. Property related
6. Sexual harassment at workplace
7. Extra marital relationships
8. An act of cruelty
9. Behavioral discover like violence or addiction or abusive language or total lack of care displayed by one party is also a cause of matrimonial discord.
10. Very closely related are certain psychological problems. Common examples are suspicious nature, a desire to protect or guide in smallest of situations or in minutest details.
11. Some time behaviors or nature or the ego of the person being involved, it is the situation in which the parties find themselves which give rise to conflict.
12. Conflict caused by medical reasons like problems caused by mental disorder or mental disease in one of the two parties.
13. Sexual dissatisfaction is also a common cause of the disorder. One of the two partners may have deviant sexual behaviors.
Under these circumstances devoted efforts for reconciliation are necessary in matrimonial disputes. Sometime it demanded sacrifice and adjustment of the partner is higher than in normal circumstances. These cases are caused by large intellectual gap between the partners.

Main Activities at Astrea Legal’s Family Dispute Reconciliation Center:

1. Identifying the real cause of dispute.
2. Easily approachable helps the parties to adopt a problem solving approach to find out a “win win” outcome.
3. Exploration of possibilities of reconciliation or divorce
4. Bring the parties to an agreed solution; and shaping the solution in the legal formats
5. To explore the possibility of a peaceful separation
6. Parties are informed about all available legal options.
7. Rights and obligations of each party towards the others.
8. It offers a faster solution; it may produce a qualitatively superior solution
9. Relief from sufferings and woos of litigants waste of money, time and energy,
10.An informal, flexible, confidential, non-adversarial and consensual procedure.

Why Astrea Legal’s Family Dispute Reconciliation Center?

It allows the parties greater control over resolving the issues between them encourage problem-solving approaches and provides for more effective settlements covering substance and nuance. It also tends to enhance cooperation and preservation of relationship.
Total number of pending cases in our Courts at 24 million With an average time to settle each case being put several years.

The Law Commission in its 129th Report examined at length the nature of litigation in urban areas and highlighted the staggering pendancy of cases in various courts of urban areas. It was pointed out that as on 31st December 1984, 2,48,845 cases were pending in Sessions courts, 77,41,459 cases in Magisterial courts, 29,22,293 cases in Civil courts of original jurisdiction and 10,91,760 cases on the appellate side

The initiative taken by the Firm to maintain harmony in the social fabric. Promotes the interest of the entire family including those of the children.