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    MS(cyber laws and information Security)

    M.Sc and UGC NET(forensic Sciences)

    Expertise Cyber law , IT Security And Banking Fraud,Cyber Crime, E-Commerce, Software and Computer Rights, Domain Dispute, Identity Theft,

  • Somnath De

    Sr. Associate

    B.A.LLB (Hons.), DCL, C.C.I,C.F.I

    Practices Cyber Laws,Internet Transaction, E-Commerce, Software and Computer Rights, Domain Dispute, Identity Theft,

credit-cardsA Credit Card is a convenient and easy alternative to currency notes. Swiping the credit card is much simpler than carrying a bundle of notes in the purse everywhere we go. However, simpler does not in any way imply safer. The crime of Credit Card fraud has become as rampant as pick-pocketing. Credit card fraud is a wide-ranging term for theft and fraud committed using a credit card. It involves withdrawal of funds and obtaining of goods and services by using an unauthorized account. It is also an adjunct to identity theft. In India, the Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) type account for the bulk of credit card frauds. Customers are therefore at the risk of losing their card details and other personal information. Relevant sections of Information Technology Act, 2000 that deal with Hacking and Unauthorized Access are applied to Credit Card Fraud cases. The Indian Penal Code has adequate provisions for economic crimes not committed via the online medium.

Astrea team works in an integrated and result-oriented manner to assist the client in credit card fraud claims and ensure the protection of their right to privacy in terms of personal data. Moreover, our services in this area includes:

• Credit card fraud

• Legal Action for Miss Use of Credit Card

• Forensic Investigation

•  Identity Theft

•  Cyber Law

• Banking Laws and Regulation Consultancy