• Kshitij Lunkad
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    Sr. Consultant

    B.S.L LL.B, CS

    Practices Import and Export, Business formation, Transaction, Joint venture, Merger & Acquisition, FDI, Liquidation and Foreclosure

  • Parvez Mirza


    LL.B, IPD, DCL

    Expertise Appellate, International Law,Criminal Laws, Muslim Laws, Immigration, Cyber Crime, Identity theft, Mass tort,Mining & Metal,

CompeFairness in the markets is absolutely essential for its sustainability and development. When there is perfect competition in the market, the consumer is sovereign, as his welfare is maximised. However, in reality the markets are imperfect and the invisible hands in the Adam Smith’s theory not always favours the consumer’s interest. Consequently, we require a external regime to maintain contestability and fairness in markets.
Thus all modern competition laws contain specific provisions against anti-competitive and monopolistic behaviour. Unfair competition and antitrust law, includes misuse of intellectual property, standard setting organizations, licensing restrictions, marketing and distribution practices, pricing issues, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions. In India it is regulated under Competition Act, 2002. Astrea lawyers have frequently handled cases dealing with many kinds of Unfair Competition Practices and obtained legal remedies for our clients. We have the resources necessary to deal with most antitrust or unfair competition cases team specializes in all aspects of competition law: cartels, leniency applications, anti-competitive agreements, concession arrangements, abuse of a dominant position etc.

We provide services in various aspects of Unfair Competition which includes:

• Competition Law Litigation

• Domestic Trade policies consultancy

• Consumer Right

• FDI norms, FEMA