• Manish Modak


    BA. LL.B

    Expertise IT, Retail,Due Diligence, Licence and Registration, Transaction, Asset Management, FDI, Risk, Assessment, Election Laws, Corruption and Bribery Laws, Adoption, Legal Strategy

  • Pradeep Rihal
    Pradeep Rihal


    B.Com. LL.B, LL.M.

    Expertise Legal Due Diligence, Work Permits, Credit, Risk Assesment, Security Fraud, Debt recovery, Defamation, Election Laws, Tribunals, Land Laws, Administrative Laws, Insurance, Work Permits, Extradition & Asylum, Forest laws, Corruption and Bribery Laws, Perjury.

Government and Public Service

Rapid globalization of people, business and transaction have created an urgency to deal with various aspects of this section in depth. It includes various aspects with respect to government facilities, taxation rules regulation, social programs, economic development, and education. The firm provides keen attention to analyzing. government and public services, its importance as well drawbacks of the same.

We through our expertise and dedicated team, assist our clients with various legal services like :

• Legal Due Diligence with respect to Government Policy, Industrial Laws and Regulations.

• Public Tender and Disputes Resolution

• Risk Assessment

• Legal Representation and Communication

• Licensing and Registration

• Recovery and Compensation