• Manish Modak


    BA. LL.B

    Expertise IT, Retail,Due Diligence, Licence and Registration, Transaction, Asset Management, FDI, Risk, Assessment, Election Laws, Corruption and Bribery Laws, Adoption, Legal Strategy

The Automobile industry is one of the major key industries involved in the development of economy of a country. It India is clearly emerging as one of the key auto component centres in Asia and expected to play a significant role in the global automotive supply chain in the near future. generates huge revenue, employments and attracts investments and employments. This industry has indulged into plethora of diverse international relations through global ventures of automobile components, technology transfer etc. At every stage beginning from inception to the requisite end result, the automobile industry is governed by various complex regulations thus attracting more legalities and liabilities. Astrea has a long-standing experience dealing with major automobile companies. We provide one stop legal solutions from incorporation to employment contract management services. This Industry witness lots of import and export of automobile components. To facilitate this activity, we provide technology transfer agreement, import-export transactions and many other services to support our wide range of automobile clientele from manufacturing to technology protection, distribution to dealer relations.

The firm’s Automobile team is comprised of experienced lawyers with ample and in-depth knowledge in this industry so as to extend their skilled hand to serve clients in various issues such as matters pertaining to manufacturer/dealer relationships and other motor vehicle franchising issues, developments of documents etc.

The automobile team works closely and efficiently to represent and advise the clients in various matters including:

• Incorporation/Formation of an Automobile Company

• Mergers and Acquisitions, Divestitures, Joint ventures, and Strategic alliances.

• Governmental and Regulatory Compliances and institutional approvals

• Workplace and Employment issues

• Labour Relations

• Intellectual Property Rights infringement

• Distribution & Franchisee

• Consumer Fraud

• Anti-trust and Competition

• Automotive business financing

• Dealer Franchise Law

• Employment and Labour Law

• Environmental Law

• Taxation

• Automobile Finance and Insurance

• Auto Accident claims

• All Commercial Contracts and Corporate Transactions related to Automobile Industry

• All Automotive Disputes and Litigations

• Automotive Supply Chain Management and Supplier relationships