• Somnath De

    Sr. Associate

    B.A.LLB (Hons.), DCL, C.C.I,C.F.I

    Practices Cyber Laws,Internet Transaction, E-Commerce, Software and Computer Rights, Domain Dispute, Identity Theft,

  • Urwi Keche
    Urwi-Keche (Copy) (Copy) (Copy)


    BA. in Law, LL.B, LL.M (Administrative and Constitutional Law)

    Practices Property due Diligence, Trade Mark, Copy Right, Legal Drafting, Medico Legal Matters, Arbitration


Outsourcing is one of the fastest growing industry worldwide which majorly involves transfer of a company’s businesses, infrastructure, etc. to the external service providers. Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) involves in-house legal departments, law firms and other organizations to outsource legal work from to a geographic area having low-wage market overseas. Thus, it allows law firms, corporations etc. to handle complex or time-consuming projects on a more affordable budget. Owing to its advantageous factors like cheap resources, advanced technologies, lower cost structure, multi-lingual capabilities, etc., India has emerged as a most favoured global sourcing hub.

The firm maintains its much admired position in the legal process outsourcing sector for the strength of its discovery consulting and litigation support services.

It have experienced eq team support outsourcing services like legal support services document review, due diligence ,IPR services, data processing services , participation in resolution of disputes of the companies through arbitration. Details of services in this area are given below:

(a) Legal support services · Data management, carrying out electronic and other file reviews; · Conducting analysis involving discovery requests, internal investigations and corporate due diligence; · Creating electronic files with documents searchable by subject, issue, author, recipient, date and document type, allowing clients to retrieve needed documents; · Searching and analyzing large numbers of agreements, creating spreadsheets or other databases presenting the relevant information; · Legal drafting, legal briefs and memorandum, contract drafting, review and analysis, summaries of witness statements, creations of print, translation of voice and video conversation.

(b) Intellectual property rights services These includes specialized patent services ranging from high-end patent drafting, patent illustration, prior art searches, patent mapping and landscaping services to generic services like patent proofreading.

(c) Document processing services Providers offer services which traditionally fall under the category of knowledge process outsourcing but require more technical analysis at some stage during the process. This includes immigration visa and health insurance claims processing.