• Around the Clock Support

• Access to ‘Best-of-the-Breed’ Legal Talent

• Competencies in a Diverse Range of Practices

• Extension of IT Resources

• Transparent Costing Mechanisms

• Regular Quality Control Monitoring

• Collaborative Approach

• Social Responsibility

Cost Efficiency 

By handing over all the legal queries to one reliable source, our clients are able to invest in a cost efficient manner by saving both the time and resources as fee structures are exclusively tailor made to meet the need of the clients which allows for reduced legal costs and better solutions at the same time.


Astrea endeavours to meet the needs of its clients in a time efficient manner.

Ease of Access.

Any inquiries can be immediately addressed at any time during day or night via our 24/7 call centre.

In-house Representation

Astrea Legal offers companies an option to hire one of our attorneys as an In-house representative so as to provide the companies with strategic decisions and solutions based on both commercial and legal analysis.

Online Portal 

The firm has developed sophisticated online reporting systems to keep our clients apprised of all legal developments related to their case and billing information.

Diverse Scope

Astrea Legal provides practical advice and prepare formidable case in wide range of subject areas, so as to develop long-term relationship with our clients while developing consistent results.

Global Reach 

In today’s globalized world, most successful institutions require the ability to function on a global level in order to adjust to evolving business trends. while retaining its national character , Astrea Legal is dedicated to its community and bar, and is eminently qualified to serve clients in global markets.

Working Together 

Astrea Legal is willing to participate in Joint Ventures to share knowledge and management resources and to improve the delivery of services. Such transactions occur only if the arrangement does not negatively affect the client’s interest and values.


The law firm shall promote awareness programs, seminars, and expert discussions so as to provide exceptional honest client service and professionalism, at every step. The firm first priority is to safeguard their client’s interests and ensure that personal or professional association of any partner does not involve a conflict of interest.