• Ashish Bang


    B.Com. LL.B

    Practices Power and Energy, Retail, Oil, Gas and Natural Resources,Franchise and Distribution, Trade Regulations, Business Law

  • Deepak Gupta
    Deepak Gupta


    B.Com M.Com. LL.B

    Expertise Licence and Registration, Labour and Employment,Termination,,Administrative Law ,Family Laws


The liberalization and globalization of the Indian economy created conditions favorable for a rapid development of the mineral industry and the value of mineral production increased at an average rate of about six per cent per annum during the Eighth Plan Period (1992-97). India mainly exports minerals like iron ore, manganese ore, chromite, granite and cut and polished diamonds. On the other hand, coking coal, gold, copper, lead, nickel, tin, asbestos, potash and crude are some of the important mineral commodities being imported. There is an imbalance between exports and imports of minerals’-imports exceeding the exports. Mining and Metals team at Astrea is shaped to meet the ends of this industry from pit-to-port and provides attention towards the mining and metals industry and thereby devotes its expertise to arrange expert advisory services in various areas such as licences and environmental clearance, land acquisitions.

We provide one stop legal solutions to mining industry in wide areas of practices which includes adherence to various minerals and metals policies, environmental management and challenges etc. We at Astrea represents client at various aspects of their business including:

• Environmental issues

• Equity Financing and Listings

• Joint Ventures

• Mergers and Acquisitions

• Mineral Concessions

• Project Development

• Project Finance

• Land agreements

• Contract Management

• Consultation on Local mining laws

• Compliance to rules and regulations

• Employment

• Transportation