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0677642d-5ce6-4e51-9a6b-a29bf89cc831Work permit is required when  employee or employer intends to appoint or shift employees from one state to another state  or a non-national or a foreigner wants to work or carry out business in a country to which he is not citizen. Each country has their own system to grant work permit.

In India, an individual is required to obtain two relevant visas i.e. Business Visa and Employment Visa, if planning to work in India, and these functions similarly to a work permit. To obtain work permits, assistance is needed as it involves complex procedure.

Astrea lawyers have in-depth knowledge and past successful experience in this field. Our service in this area includes:

• Employment Agreement

• Immigration

• Labor Laws

• Employment Compliances

• Legal Opinion on termination

• Contract Labor

• Risk Assessment and Due Diligence