• Shalini Agrawal


    MS(cyber laws and information Security)

    M.Sc and UGC NET(forensic Sciences)

    Expertise Cyber law , IT Security And Banking Fraud,Cyber Crime, E-Commerce, Software and Computer Rights, Domain Dispute, Identity Theft,

  • Somnath De

    Sr. Associate

    B.A.LLB (Hons.), DCL, C.C.I,C.F.I

    Practices Cyber Laws,Internet Transaction, E-Commerce, Software and Computer Rights, Domain Dispute, Identity Theft,


With the increased use of technology and ease of work online, dependency on internet increases. But this ease always comes with the risk cyber-crimes which includes the use of computers coupled with the use of the Internet. “THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ACT, 2000” regulates the criminal activities in the cyber world and protects the true sense of technology. Cyber-crime includes offences such as offensive messages through communication service, dishonestly receiving stolen computers or other communication device, stealing electronic signature personal data, cheating by impersonation through computer resource or a communication device, publicly publishing the information about any person’s location without prior permission or consent, cyber terrorism, contamination of one’s computer through virus etc. Data theft is one of the most common problems faced by the companies today.

We advise our clients on protection against data theft and the best possible method to resolve it. Apart from this, we assist our client with various services which include:

• Cyber Regulation Appellate Tribunal

• Cyber crimes

• Banking Fraud

• Date Theft Prosecution

• Legal Information Technology Security Audit

• Suit for Damages and Compensation

• Defamation

• E-commerce and E- transactions