• Pradeep Rihal
    Pradeep Rihal


    B.Com. LL.B, LL.M.

    Expertise Legal Due Diligence, Work Permits, Credit, Risk Assesment, Security Fraud, Debt recovery, Defamation, Election Laws, Tribunals, Land Laws, Administrative Laws, Insurance, Work Permits, Extradition & Asylum, Forest laws, Corruption and Bribery Laws, Perjury.

  • Urwi Keche
    Urwi-Keche (Copy) (Copy) (Copy)


    BA. in Law, LL.B, LL.M (Administrative and Constitutional Law)

    Practices Property due Diligence, Trade Mark, Copy Right, Legal Drafting, Medico Legal Matters, Arbitration

2Consumers are individuals who purchase, use, maintain, and dispose of products and services. They have numerous rights vested with them which includes right to inspect the goods before buying it., right to get all the detailed information regarding goods, right to get the refund if goods are not according to the description, right to replacement if goods are a faulty one, right to get compensation. To protect consumer rights and interests, the legislature has enacted Consumer Protection Act, 1986. Any complaint related to disputes can be file under consumer redressal agencies which is established by the central and state government. Due to more demand for the goods and tough competitions in the market, consumers may not get the goods of their choice or gets defective goods/services. This gives rise to legal disputes which require the assistance and advise of legal expertise.
Our lawyer with skillful knowledge and experience in the area of consumer law gives guidelines for filing and defending complaint and provides the maximum benefit to the customer and service provider. Our services in this area of practice include:
• Consumer Dispute
• Unfair Competition
• Advice On The Consumer Law and Rights