• Manish Modak


    BA. LL.B

    Expertise IT, Retail,Due Diligence, Licence and Registration, Transaction, Asset Management, FDI, Risk, Assessment, Election Laws, Corruption and Bribery Laws, Adoption, Legal Strategy

  • Siddhartha Ray

    Sr. Associate

    B.A.LL B

    Practices Constitutional, Civil,Biotechnology,Tourism & Hospitality,Appellate, International Laws, Treaties & Conventions, Human Rights,

  • Urwi Keche
    Urwi-Keche (Copy) (Copy) (Copy)


    BA. in Law, LL.B, LL.M (Administrative and Constitutional Law)

    Practices Property due Diligence, Trade Mark, Copy Right, Legal Drafting, Medico Legal Matters, Arbitration

Outsourcing Media and Entertainment Industry is marching towards a high growth rate and requires rapid formulations and administrations of rules and regulations. The advent of new technologies and their rapid development subsequently has changed the landscape of the media and entertainment sector, which is now a vast economic empire with film, television, sports, digital media including internet, live events, advertising, gaming and so on. This industry faces legal challenges in intellectual property rights, cyber laws and issues pertaining to digital preservation. Also online IPRs issues like domain name disputes may also be agitated in the future.

Therefore, the Industry needs to emphasized on legality at various stages from formation to foreclosure which includes:

• Formation of entertainment entity

• Contract and legal consultancy pertain to film productions and distribution.

• Entertainment financing and subsidy • Licensing pertain to film, television, music, live performance or new media projects

• Negotiation and drafting of distribution agreements for film, television and new media

• Negotiation and drafting of talent and crew agreements

• Registration and protection of copyrights

• Management and protection of rights of publicity and personality

• Production counsel for films and television projects

• Copyright and entertainment litigation. The firm engages its expert team dealing with numerous complex regulatory, legal and tax issues involved in media, entertainment & sports industries.

The team renders robust services to its clients in various aspects of Media and Entertainment Industry which includes:

• Documentation of all type of media contracts

• Structuring of their investments and transactions taking into account the tax, legal and regulatory regime

• Drafting and Negotiating various commercial contracts including deal memos, option and purchase agreements, distribution agreements, exhibition agreements, production and finance agreements, licensing and assignment agreements

• Due diligence of media companies including issues relating to ownership of rights, regulatory compliances and tax etc.

• Intellectual Property matters, disputes, and litigations

• Real Estate and Corporate Issues

• Labour and Employment

• Compliance under all Governmental and Regulatory Authorities

• Advertisement

• Broadcasting

• Corporate Finance

• Privacy. Confidentiality and Breach of Contracts

• Defamation and Contempt

• Insurance

• Negotiations, Mediations, and Litigations

• Establishment of Production House, Film Studio, or TV Channel