• Ashish Bang


    B.Com. LL.B

    Practices Power and Energy, Retail, Oil, Gas and Natural Resources,Franchise and Distribution, Trade Regulations, Business Law

  • Deepak Gupta
    Deepak Gupta


    B.Com M.Com. LL.B

    Expertise Licence and Registration, Labour and Employment,Termination,,Administrative Law ,Family Laws


Power is considered as one of the most critical components of infrastructure which is important for the economic growth and welfare of nations. Also, it helps improve quality of life. In India power is one of the most rewarding and diversified sector. India’s power sector is one of the most diversified in the world. Form of energy ranges from conventional such as coal, lignite, natural gas, oil, hydro and nuclear power to viable non-conventional such as wind, solar, and agricultural and domestic waste. Electricity demand has increased rapidly. India encourages FDI of 100% in projects relating to electricity generation, transmission and distribution, other than nuclear power plants and is subjected to different sets of regulations. Various aspects of Electricity is circumscribe by the Electricity Act. 2003 along with guiding National Electricity Policy.

Apart from this there are various other policies and guidelines formulated for hydro-energy, thermal energy etc. Astrea provides legal consultancy in pre-plant due diligence. We at Astrea provide detail consultation with respect to various incentives by the State and Central Government to promote privatisation of Energy sectors.

Our team provides one stope legal solution form land acquisition, contract management to project risk assessment. Furthermore, well-experienced and dedicated team of Astrea with focussed in-depth knowledge of power and energy laws serves clients in various aspects of this industry including:

• Consultation/Advise on tax, loan, guarantee, joint venture, regulatory and environmental compliances related to Power and Energy sector

• Drafting various agreements and contracts such as Power Purchase Agreements, Land and Construction Agreements, Security Documents, Distribution Agreements, Concession Agreements, Maintenance Agreements, EPC contracts etc.

• Issues relating to renewable and non-renewable energy

• Litigation aspects of Energy related businesses

• Labour and Employment