• Manish Modak


    BA. LL.B

    Expertise IT, Retail,Due Diligence, Licence and Registration, Transaction, Asset Management, FDI, Risk, Assessment, Election Laws, Corruption and Bribery Laws, Adoption, Legal Strategy

  • Deepak Gupta
    Deepak Gupta


    B.Com M.Com. LL.B

    Expertise Licence and Registration, Labour and Employment,Termination,,Administrative Law ,Family Laws

marketing-for-lawyers-wallpaperGovernment has 3 organs executive, legislature and judiciary. Administration involves the exercise of power by the executive  arm of government, administrative law is of constitutional and political, as well as juridical, importance. It covers a wide and varied area of practice, encompassing many different types of governmental legal procedures and regulations, and is not easily defined. Much of government and its public programs operate largely through various agencies on different levels i.e. state, county, and city.

Astrea administrative law practice assists the client in dealing with governmental agencies that provide some type of specific public benefit or aid to individuals, and particularly when the benefit might be or has been terminated, limited or outright denied.

Our experienced lawyers of Astrea represent and provides assistance to clients in various aspects of administrative law which includes:

• Services Law Consultancy

• Administrative Tribunal Practice

• Contract & Departmental Inquiry Analysis

• Injunction and Compensation

•  Discrimination in the Matter of Employment Etc.