• Meghnath Navlani


    B.Com. LL.B,

    Expertise Banking, Debt Recovery,Capital Market, Corporate Finance, Banking Regulation.

  • Pradeep Rihal
    Pradeep Rihal


    B.Com. LL.B, LL.M.

    Expertise Legal Due Diligence, Work Permits, Credit, Risk Assesment, Security Fraud, Debt recovery, Defamation, Election Laws, Tribunals, Land Laws, Administrative Laws, Insurance, Work Permits, Extradition & Asylum, Forest laws, Corruption and Bribery Laws, Perjury.

The telecom is one of the fastest growing industries in India, making it the third largest network in the world. The telecom regulatory authority of India (TRAI), telecom regulatory Authority of India Act, 1997, Indian Telegraph Act, 1885, Indian wireless Telegraphy Act, 1933, etc. governs the various aspects of the telecom sector. India has nearly 200 million telephone lines making it the third largest network in the world after China and USA. Indian telecom industry has the highest growth rate in the world. The telecom industry requires various legal and advisory services for the rapid growth. The sector offers opportunities in communication, mobile technology, television and satellite communication, advertisement, etc.

The telecom dispute settlement and appellate tribunal (TDSAT) has been set up to protect the interests of the service provider and the consumers. This rapid growth in telecom industries and other supporting industry provide us a valid reason to prepare ourselves to tackle disputes and issues in this sector.